Maharastra Institute of Technology (MIT)

  • MIT School of Distance Education offers innovative technology to its students while ensuring convenience and flexibility as the key offerings.

  • The upgraded study content is aptly relevant to today`s changing times making you job-ready from day one of completing the course.

  • The modules are self-explanatory and in a lucid language assisting you to grasp the content easily.

  • The study content is also offered in the form of physical books for those of you who enjoy learning the customary way.

  • The best faculty are brought on board to make dissemination of knowledge a relatively easy and interesting task.

  • MITSDE offers an ultramodern Learning Management System (LMS), which is a cloud-based portal that aids easy delivery mechanism.

  • The relevant study content is uploaded on your individual student account and can be conveniently accessed from anywhere at any given time.